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Plotlogic delivers highly accurate ore characterisation in real time, enabling greater recovery, reducing waste and enhancing the geological model.

Plotlogic couples machine learning with LiDAR and hyperspectral imaging technology to capture data, this information is processed using advanced mapping algorithms and delivers highly accurate, ore characterisation – before you mine, not hours or days later.

Plotlogic was founded in 2016 by Andrew Job and began as a research project out of the University of Queensland. Plotlogic’s OreSense technology has been extensively developed and tested in Australia, with partnerships in place with BHP and other major mining companies.


  • Reduces safety exposure, delivers direct cost savings, increases profit margin, and improves corporate social responsibility performance.
  • Directly integrates into your daily scheduling workflows, as well as automatically interfaces with your geological, geotechnical, and mine rehabilitation models.
  • Enables you to perform accurate grade modelling, mineral mapping, and environmental and geotechnical assessments – from anywhere in the world.
  • Delivers high precision mine mapping & accurate bucket-by-bucket ore grade determination autonomously and in real-time – no chemical assay, no physical contact.

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