Plotlogic systems are supported by a range of customized on-site and off-site services

Plotlogic platforms – Maintenance & Calibration

Provided on site, or off site anywhere in the world.
Requires minimal maintenance and calibration.
All products supported by 24/7 phone and email support.

OreSense LV – Full Operation & Maintenance

We offer a full OreSense LV operation and maintenance service.
Integrate your daily mining geological needs into one comprehensive package.
Free up your geologists to focus on adding value to the mine plan, resource model and budget.

24/7 Support

Plotlogic systems are supported by a range of customized on-site and off-site services, including 24/7 phone and email support.


Bespoke analysis service – customized to mine requirements

We provide a range of analysis services – from preparing automated reports to providing a range of technical advisory services to support the optimization of mining processes.

  • Enhance Geologist understanding of the regional geology
  • Improve future resource and reserve estimation
  • Improve identification of exploration target


We offer benchtop laboratory analysis services to complement existing laboratory testing techniques, including non-invasive analysis of existing drill core. We can also come to your core shed.


Our research grade field equipment produces highly accurate scans, help you identify further target opportunities within your mining operation.

Our extensive operational expertise provides practical advice and direction on target areas for improvement.

Application Program Interfaces

Plotlogic’s APIs inform the mining process on two levels:

Short term – real time alerts to variations / Longer term geological model


All Plotlogic systems in development are able to be integrated into existing workflows and data capture processes.

Predictive, real time results

Furthermore, OreCheck provides a real-time decision support system (DSS), capable of alerting you, the mine operator of variations as they occur – not days or weeks after a variation was observed.




Provides a “versioning” system for your geological model, so that new information can be incorporated into the block model, without destroying the existing JORC compliant model.

Information can be used:

  • for scenario planning to understand the impact of an observed change
  • before implementing the change in the geological model
  • by providing an avenue, based on risk-and-value to explore areas to enhance and refine the geological model

When a change is incorporated into the model, you can:

  • improve the forecasting and predictive power of your model
  • enhance plan delivery
  • reduce process variance, ensuring shareholder promises are delivered, every time.

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