Iron Ore

Identifies accurate iron ore characteristics to enable selective mining and ore processing

Confidence in the material characteristics enables mines to save money by reducing re-handling and contamination, reducing the risk of plant stoppages, and increasing the throughput of high-grade ore when it is available.

  • Maps the exact boundaries between high grade, low grade, and waste zones in the working face
  • Enables excavator operators to mine precisely to plan, and the plant knows exactly what material is being mined
  • Customisable to each mine site – specific triggers for change in grade, whether as a result of change in particle size or the presence of deleterious materials, such as clays, or hematite/goethite ratios.

iron ore

iron ore

Benefits to iron ore mines

  • Improved geological and mine plan certainty for mine optimisation
  • Reduced errors through real-time performance to plan monitoring
  • Increases the throughput of high-grade ore when it is available.
  • Improved shipping, logistics, and product value creation through more accurate forecasting.

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