Precisely mapped out ore/waste boundaries for improved mine planning

Plotlogic identifies exactly where the mineralization zone begins and ends, with centimetre precision. OreSense LV allows the geologist to have full confidence in the zones that are marked out for the mine operators to follow.

  • Ore/waste boundaries, like hanging wall interfaces, are be precisely mapped out before mining occurs, and without the need for additional laboratory testing.
  • With a precise plan to follow, excavator operators confidence can mine to plan, every time.
  • Waste goes to the waste dumps and ore goes to the ROM, every time.



Benefits to gold mines

  • Improved geological and mine plan certainty for mine optimisation
  • Reduced errors through real-time performance to plan monitoring
  • Improved ore recovery
  • Reduce the amount of ore, erroneously allocated to waste dumps
  • Improve control of head grade to the processing plant.

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